Things to Know when Showing your House

Your house should always be available for show, even though it might occasionally be inconvenient. Usually my customers display a lock box in a handy place to make it easy for other agents to show your home to buyers. Otherwise, agents will have to set a appointment, which is an inconvenience. Most will just skip your home to exhibit the house of someone else who is a lot more cooperative.

Most agents will call and give you at least a few hours notice before showing your premises. If you refuse to let them demonstrate your home, they will just skip your house. Most likely won’t come back. If they come back another time, it is going to probably be with different buyers and you will have just lost a potential buyer.

Try Not to be Home

Homebuyers will feel like criminals if you are home when they enter your home, and they might not be as open to viewing your home. Drive to the local yogurt shop, coffee house, or take the kids to the local park. If you cannot leave, try to remain in an out of the house. At least the area, of the house and do not move room by room. Do not volunteer any information, but answer any queries the agent may ask.


When you know someone is on its way by to tour your house, turn on all the indoor and outdoor lights – even during the day. Through the night, a lit house provides “homey” impression when viewed from the street. During the daytime, activating the lights prevents severe shadows from sunlight and it brightens up any gray areas. Your house looks much more homey and cheerful using the lights on.


Avoid using scented sprays to prepare to visitors. It may be too evident and many people find the scents of those sprays offensive, plus some may be allergic. If you wish to have a pleasant aroma at your residence, have a potpourri pot or something normal. Or turn on a cooktop burner (or the oven) as it were and put a drop of vanilla extract into it. It will smell like you have been cooking food.

Controlling your Pets

If you have pets, make sure your listing agent places a notice with your listing in the multiple listing service (MLS). The last thing you would like is to have your pet running out the front door and getting lost. If you know someone is coming, it would be best to try to take the pets with you while the home buyers view your home. If you cannot do that, It’s always best to keep dogs in a gated area in the back yard. Keep indoor cats in a distinct room when you expect buyers, and put a sign on the door. Most of the time, an indoor cat will certainly hide when buyers arrive at the property to view, but they may well panic and try to escape.

Your Trash

Especially if your kitchen garbage can does not have a lid, make sure you empty it every time somebody comes to look at your home, even if your trash can is actually kept under the kitchen sink. Remember, that you want to send a positive impression about every aspect of your home. Home trash does not send a confident message. You may go through far more plastic bags than usual, just remember it’s worth it.

Keep the Home Tidy

Not everyone makes their bed every day, but when selling a house it is recommended that you develop the behavior. Pick up papers, do not abandon empty glasses in the family area, keep everything freshly dusted along with vacuumed. Try your best to make it look like a model home. (A home with furniture where nobody lives.)