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My name is Derrick Bulaich & I have been a licensed Real Estate Agent since 2015. I have a vast amount of experience working with residential & commercial properties. Providing my clients with the utmost respect and the highest quality of service.

In fact, if I find that another Black Diamond Realtor or Real Estate Agent would be better for you. Then I will personally make the referral to ensure that each and every client receives the quality of service they deserve.

This allows me to work with clients on a personal basis. Providing a higher tier of service that Black Diamond Real Estate Clients have come to expect.

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Derrick M. Bulaich
BRE #01975969
5515 Pacific Street #2201, Rocklin, CA 95677
Phone: (916) 512-6904

Working with a reputable Realtor is a huge advantage. Unfortunately, there has been many horror stories of first-time homeowners being promised the greatest deal ever only to discover that the “Realtor” is not even licensed or qualified to sell homes.

Although many individuals are successful in finding the perfect property on their own, most aren’t. A qualified Realtor knows and is aware of the industry and therefore knows how to make a deal “the best deal for you.” Their function goes beyond just helping you the consumer find a nice home. Additionally, they act as a means to “check your sanity” to ensure the right choices are being made and the situation is in order before, during, and after the deal.

What to Expect from the Best Realtor For You


The Realtor can market properties if you’re selling your own home, for the buyer, the Realtor can show you listings for the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) as well as other advertising options.

Marketing Strategies

Based on precise information and specific details, a broker will create marketing strategies.

Home Excursions or Open Houses

The Realtor should hold no less than one, maybe depending on the property two open houses.


Throughout the process, the particular Realtor should be open to creating recommendations and offering info.


This covers the particular negotiations, contract, handling valuations of the price point, closings, etc.

Keep in mind that when you decide to work with a Realtor, you aren’t just dealing with one, you’re working with hundreds. Realtors network together, that strengthens the position of the two seller and buyer. If you are buying a home, you won’t just find houses being handled through your Realtor, but the whole system of Realtors, thus upping your odds of finding exactly what you would like at the price you need.

A fantastic Realtor will help you in setting up appointments with lenders and also meet you at the appointment. They could offer great expertise in the area of your choice and will be a huge assistance. When you locate your home, your Agent can help you locate housekeepers, gardeners, as well as babysitters. Their work doesn’t cease as soon as the closing is done. Great Realtors will remain in contact with a person over the years should you ever decide to market.

A Dream That Everyone Wants To Come True

Everyone has a dream of living in a big and spacious house like a king of some big state. But modern economy and administration system do not work that way. While searching for a new house, people get confused a lot. Selecting a perfect house that can suit your requirement is itself a tedious task, let alone the work of getting into the paperwork. Moreover, there is a great chance of someone not having the required expertise of getting a fraud deal. This problem worsens even more if you are planning to shift to a city in another state, where administrative setup is different.

But hey! Do not worry because we are here. No matter how complex the task of buying or selling of a house may seem, our team of experts will help you get passed that in a very smooth manner. Derrick, the best realtor in Sacramento, has been present in the business of buying and selling of properties of many years now. This extraordinary experience gives us all the expertise needed to help our clients in the best possible way.

Why Is Sacramento A Great Place To Live?

Situated at the heart of California State, Sacramento city enjoys confluence of two beautiful rivers. The city is also an important cultural and historical hub of the state. It was an important distribution center during the time of California gold rush. There are many places where people can travel to and enjoy the remnants of that time. Surrounded by numerous high yielding farms, Sacramento has allowed many restaurants to grow and prosper. This is the reason why this city is also known as America’s Farm-to-Fork capital.

Infrastructure is great and all the basic amenities are provided to the citizens. Well-built roads connect Sacramento to other important cities and states. The city has total area of about 100 sq mi and is unlikely to become congested anytime soon. Weather is surprisingly good with average winter temperature of 49 degrees and average summer temperature of a pleasing 72 degrees. Clear sky and bright sun make living in the city much more comfortable. Humidity never exceeds the manageable level throughout the year. Being located near the west coast, summers never get too hot and winters never got too cold. The region receives more than average daylight throughout the year, mainly because it is located relatively closer to the equator.

Your child will certainly have a better chance of getting superior education, which will ultimately result in a better life.The percentage of teachers is relatively high than national average with average teacher to student ratio of 20:1. Even the city’s graduation rate of 79 percent is much higher than national average. The number of bachelors in the city is also impressive at 23.9 percent as compared to national 13.9 percent.

What Makes Us a Better Option

If you are convinced that the Sacramento city will be a nice place to live, then Derrick is here to help you in taking further steps. Mr Listing Agent believes in offering high quality service. We are considered as the best realtor in Sacramento city. Our team consists of experienced experts who know the best way to help the clients. We have a great network of ground level real estate agents who always search for the owners selling condo Sacramento at cheaper prices.

It does not matter if you search for theBest Realtor in Sacramento CA, Best Realtor Sacramento or Best Realtor Sacramento CA on google, our website always tops the list.

How We Make Buying Of Property Easier For You?

The large network of real estate agents comes with some great benefits. We store, manage and constantly update all the listing in the Sacramento city. Derrick also has a dedicated team of legal experts for finding a swift, easy and most secure of way of processing the legal matters.

After making a call and telling us your requirements, just stay at home and enjoy your life. We will take all the headache away from you. The very first thing we do is create a list of the houses that suit your infrastructure requirement. Then our agents personally visit those places along with some experts for making sure that the house is in perfect condition. After this preliminary enquiry, we survey the neighborhood to ensure that the surrounding area is safe for your family.

At last, we create a final list of best places. When you select the house of your choice, then we take the matter to negotiation level. This step helps you in getting the house for best prices. And do not worry, all the legal documents are passed through a verification process. So, there is no chance of forgery.

Housing costs in Sacramento city are lower than ever recorded in the recent history. We can help you in finding the most suitable place according to your needs. It does not matter if you are buying town house Sacramento or looking for an apartment in a high rise, our experts are always eager to help you.

Get the Best Price for Your Property

There can be many reasons why you would want to sell your house. You can be in debt, or you might be planning to shift to some other city or state. In that case, our team of experts will help you through the selling process and make sure that you get the best prices for the sale.

As we are the best realtor Sacramento CA, there are many customers who come to us for purchasing property in the city. Moreover, it is our duty to offer a best deal to both selling and purchasing ends.

Our Areas of Expertise

Apart from buying and selling of properties, we also help people our clients in dealing with other parts of deal. You can consult us on any matter at any time. We understand that spending a big amount of money on a new house is not possible for everyone, which is why our experts are always ready for guiding you through the best way to negotiate. If a house is out of budget, then our team will help you in finding the best rental rates.

For any related query make sure to contact us at 916-512-6904 or drop an E-mail at

Sought-After Real Estate Agent In Sacramento

Buying or selling a property is a worrisome experience if you are a beginner in it. You need to give attention to many factors before you fix the property deal. Sometimes, the buying or selling process need to be done hastily or other times the deal may get prolonged and you may wonder about the reason.

The hunt for the property and the following paper work along with mortgage arrangements make it a daunting task when you want to buy a new home. On the other hand, when you want to sell your home, you may not find the perfect buyer easily even after listing it in multiple platforms. Over pricing, dull market, wrong real estate agent etc may hinder the home selling process.

Candidly, expert and experienced professional assistance is a must when you deal with properties. The local expertise, effective communication skill, friendliness of the agent, support during negotiation, knowledge and experience in property deals etc. have to be considered while you hire the realtor agent.

What is the best way to make property dealing easy and smooth? Well, you can make it a hassle free experience, provided you hire the service of the best Sacramento real estate agent. Finding a realtor in Sacramento CA is easier now, and you get hundred of listings if you search the web. However, to hire the service of the best real estate agent is Sacramento it may require research. Here’s how you can make it easy.

So are you in search of a trustworthy Sacramento realtor for selling or buying a property? Fortunately, here you can get the assistance of a reliable Sacramento realtor to make things easier. Selling or buying a property never turns a stressful experience if you have this real estate agent to support you. When you are look for a property in and around Sacramento, here’s a real estate agent whom you can rely on to make things fast. It is none other than Derrick, the Mr Listing Agent, who has accumulated great experience in working in the real estate scenario of Sacramento. He has been assisting thousands of people with their property related requirements for many years now.

What makes Derrick special?

Derrick, the realtor real estate agent, has earned the tag of being the most dependable and quickly responding real estate agent in Sacramento with the excellent services he offers to his clients. He is a trustworthy real estate agent in Sacramento and readily available to welcome you to Sacramento, one of the major cities in California. He knows the ins and outs of real estate world in Sacramento area and that really benefit you when you hire his service. You can get easy access to buying the dream property in Sacramento, once you connect to this realtor real estate agent.

Derrick’s assistance includes everything regarding your property deal, right from the introduction stage to the final documentation work, so that you will feel that the property deal is hassle-free and fast. Indeed, Derrick is the best realtor in Sacramento, and the happy clients he has worked with seconds the statement. However, it is Derrick’s mission to create happy and satisfied clients, even when each of your housing needs is different.

Derrick works as a full time real estate agent and so you can be assured of quick response and assistance at a time you prefer. He is available anytime to guide you and works twenty four hours of the day, and that too seven days of week and help you to get positive results. At your convenience of your time, the real estate agent will be pleased to meet and offer you the incredible services. Although a local expert in property deals of Sacramento, the services of Derrick is not limited to real estate alone. He is also experienced in lending, insurance and the real estate sector, and has a massive client base, which is constantly expanding in Sacramento.

Client satisfaction is given the foremost care here and so Derrick enjoys a unique position in the real estate world of Sacramento. Derrick and his team makes sure that they are patient in understanding the priorities of the client and then help them in finding the perfect property or apt buyer in a location clients prefer to live.

Derrick stands by the side of the client right from advising stage, to listing, and documentation of buying and selling properties, and you need have to worry about any of the aspects of property deal. He provides step by step guidance in property deals. The transactions and the paper work become a hassle-free experience for the client as the professional expertise of the Derrick is a real asset which is admirable. Moreover, the services include exclusive property listing services for the clients as well. Hiring the service of the reliable Sacramento real estate agent is easy and affordable now.

We are at a call away!

Planning to buy a new home in Sacramento? Be it for any cause from lifestyle improvement in tone with professional uplift, or an addition to your real estate assets or even that proud moment of owning your first home, Derrick is a call away to give you most reliable real estate service in Sacramento.

Thinking of selling your home? You may choose to sell a property for many reasons. Whatever be the reason, be quick to take the fastest way to sell your home and it is by hiring the service of the most professional real estate agent and that is Derrick in Sacramento.

Let it be selling or buying of any kind of property, the crucial point is whether you take the assistance of the best real estate agent Sacramento CA or not. When the real estate market of Sacramento is considered, Derrick is the finest real estate agent to be considered. Get in touch with the friendliest team here, for any advice on real estate, to hire the service or to know the rates anytime, and we would be happy to give you any information related to real estate world of Sacramento. All you need to do is write to us at, or give us a call at 916-512-6904 right now to hire any of real estate services.