Your a First Time Home Buyer in Sacramento!

Are you looking for a property in Sacramento and want to have it to take the care of your family? Well, in both the cases we the team of MR LISTING AGENT is right here to help you out. We are having a specialized team with us who are experts in handling the requests of first time home buyer Sacramento CA.

There are so many things that you need to take into consideration at the time of buying a property. Being a Sacramento first time home buyer, if you manage to get the assistance of professional experts in this field, then half of the job will be done for you. We at MR LISTING AGENT are always ready to help you out in buying your first ever home and making sure that you do not have to go through much hustle during this process.

Who is a First Time Home Buyer Sacramento CA?

Applicant(s) need to prove that they have not owned a home, other than mobile home which is not affixed on permanent foundation, in last three years from applying for assistance under special program for first-time buyers. Applicants need to be a displaced homemaker who in last 2 years time work full time being a member of the labor force for 12 months consecutive period and the one who is unemployed or under-employed facing difficulty in getting or upgrading employment in a suitable position and getting negligible remuneration to meet family expenses.

Applicant who is a single parent either unmarried or separated legally from spouse having one or more minor children for whom he or she holds joint custody or custody or is now pregnant with a child. The applicant can be an individual who used to own or is owning a property in the shape of a principal residence in past 3 years time as the primary residence before enrolling in the first time home buyers program, having a structure:

  • Not permanently fixed to a foundation based on local or state regulations
  • Structure not in compliance state, local, or model building codes and cannot be renovated to fall under the building code without investing an amount of money which is equivalent to purchasing of a new permanent structure for residence.
  • The first time home buyer needs to fulfill any one of the above criteria to fit the scheme or program designed for them.

Things to consider by Sacramento first time home buyers at the time of property search:

  • Available budget within which the property needs to be selected
  • Carpet area of the property for spacious option for the family
  • Location of the property
  • Ongoing market price for the properties in the localities of preference
  • Process of documentation if the deal gets finalized

The above are some of the important things which need to be considered by a first time home buyer Sacramento CA at the time of home buying. We are in this industry for many years and so it's quite easy for us to understand the sentiment of the First Time Home Buyers Sacramento. We understand the emotion a person feels or has when he or she is buying a home for the first time.

We being a company which is completely customer centered in nature, always give preference to the client sentiment and always discusses in detail with the clients as what are their expectations. This sort of discussion always helps in offering the best services to them. We make sure that they face no problems while buying a property and we make sure that the process of the same is a happy and good one for them.

The concept of first time home buyer programs Sacramento CA:

Under this program qualified Sacramento First Time Home Buyers will receive a certain sum of money or a certain percentage of the property cost to buy the property in some areas of West Sacramento in the shape of a second deferred zero-interest loan. Under this loan, special preference will be given to the residents of West Sacramento and to the one who is at or below the decided 80% Area Median Income for the Yolo County. Criteria which need to be fulfilled to become eligible under first time home buyer program Sacramento:

  • The applicant needs to be a First Time Home Buyer Sacramento CA only
  • Do have a consistent payment history or credit history
  • Applicant needs to have a stable income for at least a period of two years. Sacramento First Time Home Buyer Should be ready to provide verification of legal presence at the United States.
  • Sacramento First Time Home Buyer need to attend a homebuyer workshop before participating in the Sacramento first time home buyer programs
  • He or she needs to have the capacity of paying at least three percent (3%) down payment.
  • Out of 3%, 2% of the down payment can be provided via other non-loan sources which can be a gift or even grant funds.
  • Minimum of 1% of the down payment amount should be sourced from First Time Home Buyers Sacramento seasoned savings.

There are several other clauses which need to be followed to get enrolled under Sacramento first time home buyer program. Our experts are available to assist the clients in making the right selection of property under this special buyer program act. How will MR LISTING AGENT be helpful for the First Time Home Buyers Sacramento?

The reasons for which we call us the best in the industry for such special programs for first time home buyers are: We are having the industry best team with us to assist clients in the best possible way. As we have been in this real estate industry for many years we know all the hacks that are needed when a person is buying a property for the first time. We take care of the emotions and sentiments of the client before suggesting them the process which needs to follow to fit under the programs designed for the first-time buyers.

We gravely understand the emotion that is linked to a person when he or she is buying a new property and always respect that. We are having a dedicated 24x7 customer service team to take care of the queries which are raised by the buyers. Our staff members are always ready to answer all questions the first time home buyers have so that they can have a clear idea of the process of buying a property for the first time.

We take the initiative for supervising the selected home and make inspections as well as investigations on the legal documents before confirming the clients if it fit their requirement and government policies. We understand the importance of legal documents and thus we make sure that the process is buying a property should be done following the legal norms.

Also, we do not want our clients to later face problems regarding legal matters as we know how unnerving they are, so we make sure that everything is done in the right manner. Support the buyer in making price negotiation with the sellers and be a medium between them. However, we are always just and honest and never take advantage of any situation.

We help in educating the buyer about the current real estate market scenario and the steps they need to follow for proving their eligibility under this program and also so that he or she understands the whole process of buying his or her first home. All in all, we totally help our clients in every possible way when they are buying their first home or property. All our staff members are very helpful and amiable, so buyers can call us anytime and get rid of any of their doubts and problems.

Our company is based on the foundations of trust, integrity, and dedication and we always make sure that our work never deviates from this path. We also value and respect the sentiment a buyer has when he or she is buying a house or property for the first time. But at the same time, we make sure they do not end up taking any emotional decision that they will regret in the future. We understand the importance of a good client-company relationship and thus we have very good relationships with all our clients and we receive a lot of love and trust from them.

Their trust in us helps achieve success as they recommend us to their families, friends or co-workers. We at MR LISTING AGENT never plan to break this trust and always maintain a good relationship with our client. Contact Us If you want to know more about us and our services under this particular service segment then feel free to connect with us as we will be glad to hear from you and serve you in the best possible way. You can call us at (916)512-6904 or email us at So remember to contact us when you decide to buy a property.